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Do you have a hearing aid that’s not working correctly? Don’t throw it away just yet. More often than not, old or broken hearing aids only need a small repair or reprogramming to get back to their working condition. Count on Better Hearing Centers to help you maintain and repair your hearing aids.

You Don't Need to Pay Any Maintenance Cost While Under Warranty. Call Us at 765-373-8105 for More Information!

  • Replace the battery

  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid

  • Clean the hearing aid

  • Replace the wax filter

  • Open and close the battery compartment

  • Check the input settings

Common hearing aid repairs

If the common repair methods don’t work, you can bring your hearing aid to us and one of our specialists will examine your instrument for free.


You can even get loaner hearing aids while your broken ones are being repaired.

Quality hearing aid repairs

Don’t be frustrated when your hearing aid fails to function. Bring it to us and you’ll benefit from our prompt and professional repair service.

Has your hearing aid been giving you trouble lately?


Depend on us to effectively repair your hearing aids